3 Ugandan Terrorist Suspects Arrested In Mozambique

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The Mozambican police has arrested three Ugandans suspected to be part of a terrorist cell affiliated to al-Shaabab that has been executing terror attacks in the Cabo Delgabo province.

The three suspects were picked from Mocimboa da Praia district of Cabo Delgado during an operation by the Mozambican security forces in areas believed to be terrorist’s operational bases. Among the three suspects was a woman

The suspects, who were found in possession of Ugandan documents, appeared on Monday at a media briefing that was carried live by TVM, the national broadcaster of Mozambique. One of the suspects identified as Abdul Rahman Faisal is believed to be the leader of the terrorist cell that was operating where they were picked from and transferred to Nampula province for interrogation.

Zacarias Nacuti, the Nampula provincial police spokesperson told the press briefing that the suspects had confessed being members of the al-Shabaab militias operating in Uganda.

Nacuti said police had obtained information during interrogation that helped them to arrest other suspected terrorists. Rahman identified himself as an electrotechnical engineer and told journalists that despite being a member of al-Shabaab in Uganda, he had committed no crimes in Mozambique and only went there to trace for his missing colleagues he identified as Mansour and Abdul Aziz.

“I am from al-Shabaab of Uganda. We came to Mozambique to look for Mansour and Abdul Aziz who was my subordinate in Uganda, but the last time he saw him was in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Rahman reportedly told the media.

“I received the mission to come to Mozambique to look for him (Abdul Aziz) because he is involved in crimes”, he said. “We are not part of those people who go around committing murder. I don’t support them”.

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“We would like to help solve this situation, because in the end I’m part of the problem”, added Faisal. “We would like to ask the others to stop making attacks”.

Rahma is suspected to be one of the leaders of Usafi mosque, which was raided by Ugandan security operatives last year, leading to the arrest of several suspects for the kidnap and murder of Susan Magara.

This is the second group of Ugandan nationals to be arrested in Mozambique over suspicion of terrorism. In January 2018, three Ugandans were arrested in Mocimboa da Praia district in Cabo Delgado province.  One of the suspects, Abubaker Senono is believed to have been a member of Usafi mosque.

The three have up to date remained in custody of the Mozambique government have never been charged formally. The Mozambican police have been carrying out operations against suspected terror bases following several attacks in October 2017.

More than 100 people have since been arrested and several guns recovered. Some of the suspects were allegedly found using mosques as their training grounds.

Source: The Observer


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