Bobi Wine Returns; Decries Police Maltreatment

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Robert Kyagulanyi, the controversial Ugandan Member of Parliament who is also a pop star known as Bobi Wine, has returned to Uganda after about three weeks medical tourism in the United States.

Before his return however, the Ugandan police had released a procedure of taking him from the airport in police convoy, to his home and banned any form of rally by Bobi Wine’s supporters. They warned that they would arrest anyone who dared to come out to the road or airport to welcome the MP.

MP Wine is still facing charges for instigating people to stone the convoy of President Yoweri Museveni in August, which led to his arrest, detention and ‘torture’, before he was released on bail to get treatment abroad.

In a series of tweets, the MP recanted his ordeal with the police on his return to Uganda, after journalists were also barred from accessing his home.

“I am a free Ugandan with the right to move freely in my country. The police has no business telling me who receives me and who cannot or where I go and where I cannot. This impunity must stop now.

”Upon landing at Entebbe airport yesterday afternoon, I was immediately arrested by people in police uniform and others in civilian attire. They grabbed me from the tarmac, took away my walking stick and grabbed my red beret off my head!

”I was forced into a waiting police vehicle. I insisted that I did not want to get into an unknown car with complete strangers and that I had my own car waiting for me at the arrivals but my plea fell on deaf ears…

”Even when I suggested that they let me get into that strange vehicle with Hon. Winnie Kiiza with whom I had travelled from Kenya, they could hear none of that. I was searched and my passport was taken from me. I still don’t know where it is!

”I got sandwiched between two counter terrorism policemen in a vehicle that had other police officers waiting. I was then driven off towards the UN airbase with a string of police patrol cars & military trucks….

”Once again my rights were grossly violated, but most importantly the rights of my friends, family and lawyers who endured gross harassment throughout the day. Many of them were arrested and only released later in the evening without any case against them.

He also thanked the many people who came to welcome him at his place of residence.

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