Egypt Forecast First Heat Wave of the Season

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Egypt will be hit by a six-day heat wave starting next Wednesday, the first since the beginning of spring, the country’s Meteorological Authority (EMA’s) announced here.

In an official statement, the head of the EMA’s, Ahmed Abdel-Aal, said temperatures are expected to rise by three to four degrees Celsius.

The authority warned that the records will rise above the normal rate for this time of year, with the heat wave that will affect the Nile Delta, Cairo, the Sinai peninsula and Upper Egypt.

Temperatures will range from 30 to 34 degrees in the governorates of Cairo and the Nile Delta, and from 33 to 35 degrees in northern Upper Egypt, Abdel-Aal detailed.

The specialist also warned that the values in southern Upper Egypt will range between 38 and 39 degrees.

The authority called on citizens to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and advised people to drink plenty of water during the day.


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