Ethiopia Ban Luxury Cars for Officials

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The Ethiopian government has announced it is restricting the use of luxury cars by federal government officials as part of a reform programme to stop resource wastage and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

The Public Relations Head of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC), Haji Ibsa, said the use of particularly, the popular car model “V-8” in urban areas will be banned, reported state affiliated media outlet Dana Broadcasting Corporate.

The use of eight-cylinder V-8 model cars which are known for their high use of oil in urban areas has previously been criticised as a sign of wastage of resources and unnecessary expenditure.

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Ibsa said a newly issued directive prevents deputy ministers, speakers of parliament, presidents and deputy presidents of federal high court, commissioners and deputy commissioners from using V8 (8-cyliner)cars in urban areas. The new directive doesn’t prohibit the use of luxury vehicles for travel to rural areas.

With regards to the new directive, locally assembled fuel efficient automobiles will instead be provided to senior government officials to help them conduct official duties in urban areas.

Since assuming office in April, the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken several measures to institute good governance and stop the wasteful usage of state resources. Herald

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