Uncovering the Chinese Sex Town in Kenya

Victoria Akindele
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The Immigration authorities in Kenya arrested and deported a dozen Chinese nationals for engaging in prostitution in a suburb of the capital, Nairobi.

The immigration department said the arrests were followed after an intelligence tip-off and independent investigations, a team of crime-busters comprising of DCI and immigration officials have raided two houses in south C estate in Nairobi, Kenya in a cleanup swoop targeting wanted fugitives, human traffickers and other immigration violators.

The tip-off led to a raid on two houses on Wednesday morning: “The two residential houses are suspected to have been operating as brothels. During the operation, twelve (12) Chinese nationals – eight girls and four girls were arrested,” said a statement issued by Alexander Muteshi, Director of Immigration Services.

Police records have shown that “one those arrested (a man) was watch-listed in may 2017 on suspicion of being involved in prostitution and illegal gambling in the country, he was later deported and subsequently banned from ever entering Kenya again but returned using a different passport,” indicates the Police records.

“The twelve have been documented as prohibited immigrants and are being processed for deportation for not only violating our immigration laws but also breaching the fundamental standards of integrity with regards to working and doing business in Kenya,” the statement added.

Muteshi also added that the Kenyan trafficker will be arranged in court in the soonest time possible for tampering with the immigration system.

“Our resolve to weed out criminals aliens from our country and streamline our immigration systems is as strong as ever.  We would like to thank members of the public who have been cooperative hitherto in this respect. We appreciate the role foreign investors are playing in economic development, but we maintain that it is possible to benefit from transparent business practices in our country” Muteshi added.

Meanwhile, the attention of Kenyans appear to have been shifted from Uhuru’s ‘punitive’ tax proposals to the arrest of 12 Chinese foreigners engaging in prostitution in Nairobi’s South C estate as seen and observed from their reflections on social media and other forums.

“Probably we needed to have a clause in the finance bill introducing a 50% tax on proceeds of prostitution, hence legalizing it. Anything we can do now to get money to repay the Chinese, we should do, including using their citizens to make money and repay them, don’t deport them!” said Mely Tiondo, a Kenyan.

While some think the offense should be monetized, some are of the opinion that the government and immigration officials are to blame for their migration and granted work permits.

“@UKenyattais a, see the problem you have brought to this nation. Are you trying to introduce neocolonialism in Kenya. How did this people get into the country??? Are our Forces not protecting the borders and our waters. Kindly wake up Mr. president it’s time you honour the sovereignty“ Raphael Mutua said.

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This current action comes weeks after a Chinese national was deported for referring to Kenyans as ‘monkeys.’ China seem to have significant business interests in Kenya as across the continent.

The immigration boss urged all foreign investors as well as locals who are willing to venture into legitimate economic activities to follow the due processes of the laws and obtain the requisite documents before setting up their business enterprises in Kenya.

But the question raised by some other Kenyans is why can’t the judiciary system arrest and persecute? Why immediate judgment of deportation?

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