World Disability Day: A Word to the World

Victor Kekereekun
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Every 3rd of December goes down as a special day. I mean everything about it makes it special – celebrating special persons with various patent impairments calls for revolving love.

In recent years, persons with disabilities have been identified and subjected to unfairness in various manners which include; labelling, condemnation, discrimination as well as stigmatisation from the public due to their conspicuous deformities underlining them as persons with special needs.

Even though they nurse one problem or the other does not mean they do not belong to this terrestrial world. It only means these particular persons’ conditions require affections from the public and not condemnation that has been widely condoned.

The pristine fact is that disability is neither a disease nor an illness but rather a condition which under great influence of various interventions can be subdued to a certain extent. Persons with disabilities are as well valuable to our niche just like regular people. They also have God-given talents which could be harness into greatness (There are a bevy collections of world achievers whose fulfilling lives attest to this) . Their disability doesn’t impair the talents in them. Everyone is got one talent or the other after all. In fact, Scott Hamilton even asserted that ‘’the only disability in life is bad attitude’’ There is overtly more to a great personality than disability. If your character sucks, you may not be a better person flaunting a non-disabled life then.

Special education has made us to realise that with educational, rehabilitative or vocational attainments, to a noticeable extent, persons with disabilities can reach the same developmental milestone just as their regular peers, while they also have more than enough to offer the society just as regular people.

Unlike an average school of thought with an eviscerating thinking that persons with disabilities may be relatively unimportant in our society, early identification and the aforementioned interventions help subdue their conditions hence giving them life! They also have economic usefulness as well as civic responsibilities. For adult persons, their inclusion in the labour force could help address labour shortages, while at the same time, reducing fiscal pressures associated with welfare dependency. After being inclined with job opportunities and having the mentality of being relatively useful to the economy, self-reliance and independence makes persons with disabilities feel responsible for civic dispositions.

Supposedly, with all these, it is believed that people’s misconceptions about persons with special needs should change and the general public should start seeing them as persons who have a lot to offer. The society needs to be conscious of their existence as persons with equal rights just as the regular persons and not only of their limitations.

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Today is the World Disability Day. You don’t necessarily have to be an individual with special needs before you realise how special today is. Show some love to persons with disabilities. Let’s them know they are not unfortunate to be persons with special needs. Let’s them feel the warmth of humanity. Be kind to the individuals with these significant limitations.

The best is he who calls men to the best and those who heed the call are also blessed, but worthless who call not, heed not, but rest. Maybe you’re just fortunate to manage your own limitations!

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