Fuel Shortage Crisis Hits Zimbabwe Again

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Zimbabwean authorities have reportedly urged citizens not to resort to panic buying after long fuel queues resurfaced in the capital Harare and other parts of the country this week.

According to Daily News, motorists were forced to stand in long queues for several hours in Harare, while in Bulawayo, only a few service stations had fuel, said the report.

Motorists said the government had “completely failed” to address the problem of fuel.

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But, according to the state-owned Herald newspaper, Energy and Power Development Minister Joram Gumbo maintained that the country had enough fuel stocks.

Gumbo said that the current fuel shortages, particularly in Harare, were due to delays in foreign currency allocations. He said it took some time to deliver fuel after cash was being released due to logistics reasons.

“The stock-outs emanate from delays in foreign currency allocation. When foreign currency is eventually released, it takes some time to arrange the transport logistics to deliver fuel to the affected service stations. The country is still constrained in terms of foreign currency, while there are many competing demands on the available foreign currency,” Gumbo was quoted as saying.”

Gumbo said that the government was working “tirelessly to alleviate the problem”.

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