G7 Calls on Ukraine to Continue Reforms and Fight Against corruption

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The Countries of the Great Seven called on the Ukrainian party to continue reforms, to fulfill its duties on the fight against corruption and to secure the free, fair and transparent presidential elections.

The joint communique of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of G7 after their meeting in Dinar reports this “We reconfirm our support for Ukraine’s reform and are encouraged by the steps taken to date, especially in the areas of decentralization and economic growth. We urge the Government of Ukraine to make continued, clear progress along the reform path on which it has embarked and which its people demand,” the report said.

Besides, the G7 encouraged the Ukrainian authorities to follow up on their commitments in the field of the fight against corruption, strengthening the rule of law and protecting freedom of media and civil society.

“We also expect the Ukrainian authorities to ensure a fair, free, transparent and inclusive vote throughout the elections,” the report added.


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