Happy Independence Day, Zambia!

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Zambia, today, 24 October 2018, celebrates its 54th independence.

President Edgar Lungu has implored Zambians to continue embracing peace and unity as it is a perquisite for the country’s sustainable development

President Lungu says this is why there is need for all Zambians to continue on the path of unity, hard work and prosperity and liberate themselves from factors that hold back the country from attaining development.

Mr. Lungu noted that Zambia has continued to brand itself as a peaceful nation due to its ability to accommodate diverse views from different regions, races and also offers good hospitality which attracts many visitors to the country.

The Head of State said this during his independence address to the nation.

He noted that the continued positive branding of the country is vital in attracting foreign investment and enhancing international relations.

President Lungu said the struggle for freedom and political emancipation was the beginning of the journey for the shared future, development and prosperity.

He added that there is need for people in the country to change their mind set in order to transform the country’s future.

The Head of State explained that prior to colonialism the system of governance was based on traditional values and principals rooted in common humanity, respect and honest among others.

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President Lungu said as the country celebrates its 54th independence anniversary tomorrow Zambians should remember those who fought for the country’s freedom by demonstrating that their sacrifice still lives on.

He said this year’s theme for both Independence and National Day of Prayer urges people in the country to be selfless, love and respect one another and that God’s guidance is upon the country.

The President said all Zambians should play a role in deepening the meaning of independence by building strong bonds of unity that will help in building a better Zambia.

President Lungu further said Zambians should not fall prey to short comings that are in conflict with national values and principles that governs the country’s Christian faith.

Zambia will tomorrow commemorate its 54th Independence celebrations under the theme “54th Independence anniversary celebrating a shared future of unity, development and prosperity.’’ Lusaka times

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