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Somalia becomes Puppet Government!
Somalia becomes Puppet Government!

By - Anwar Abdifatah

Posted - 03-07-2019

Somalia used to be strong country since her independence in 1960. After just four years of its independence, Somalia had a deadly battle with Ethiopia. Since then, Somalia was spreading its clout in the African continent. From 1960-69, Somalia practices one of the best democracy in Africa. Somalia had at least two free and square elections via multiparty system. In 1969, Somalia over arched military coup led by former president of Somalia his Excellency Siadbarre after nine (9) years of civil leadership and evolving democracy in the country. After this coup d’état, Somalia’s military capability and its presence in the continent was peaked. In 1977, Somalia had again one of the bitter war against Ethiopia. Since then, Somalia becomes notorious in the African continent, AKA, “Lion of Africa”. Additionally, the world was giving Somalia close attention and admonishes some of its foreign policy. Before short time of period the 77 war, Somalia expels the Russian ambassador to Somalia. This temerity decision led to Somalia to political suicide and international reluctance. Because, Russian Soviet Union was at that time, one of the big powers internationally.

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Some of the political pundits believe that, after this reckless decision taken by Somalia government propelled to havoc and international arrogance against Somalia up to date. Furthermore, after 77 war, Somalia was losing its allies and partners. Because, the world regarded Somalia as new emerging and potential threat.

The other side of the coin, in 1991, Somalia’s strong central government under iron fist was ousted by Clan-based movements, and erupted the civil strife. Since then, Somalia becomes fragile and lame-duck country, which is susceptible to any aggression.

Snafu, Loggerheads, and Dichotomy among the Somalia political leaders paralyzed the country!

Somalia takes federal system in 2004 constitutionally devoid of prior research towards whether this new system befits Somalia and its people. Somalia used to apply strong central government since her independence in 1960 up to 1991. Since 2004, the country kick starts adopting this new notion of federalism. The disaster was, there was no prior knowledge and experience related this emerging federal system among the Somali community. Because, there is no any civic education and public awareness towards federalism which the Somali leaders presented, addressed and conveyed to the people. Because, there is yet outstanding and conspicuous degree of obliviousness among the community towards what the federalism is. Consequently, the community intermingled by clan based regional states. Anyhow, five (5) federal states were established except, in the case of Somali land.

On the other hand, when the transitional period of Somalia’s government ended in 2012, and his Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud becomes the first president in this new permanent Somalia’s government since the civil war, and four (4) regional states were formed except Puntland which was created before the federal governments of Somalia, then forthwith embarked a new challenge and deadlock among the federal government and its federal units.

Plenty of political commentators said that, the rift among the federal government and the regional states is just short term pain. Because, every new shifting from one system to another, there is a challenge and obstacles. But, in the long term, federalism is good for Somalia. And they justified that, the Somalia’s residues of the civil war can be vanquished and treated through this system of federalism. Contrary, there are also enormous political analysts believe that, this federal system can only deepen and make worst the feud among the Somali people. And that is why, every time the Somali’s problem is deteriorating.

Self-aggrandizing politicians as dominated the political landscape

Regrettably, Somalia’s politicians became selfish and have short sighted ambition. They don’t give attention and respect to their people and country as well. They regard only their political endeavor, amassing wealthy, cannibalism, treason, relentless and ruthlessness. And that is why, the people are suffering on daily base, the governance is weakening and the country is vulnerable to foreign aggression’s including the neighboring countries, especially Kenya and Ethiopia.

Days ago, Ethiopia posted its Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Official Website that, the Somalia Map’s in the continent is vanished, and Ethiopia takes the two maps under Ethiopia name. This provocation created huge Min-blowing among Somalis. Although, after hours the Map was changed and the Ethiopian government expressed that, this was unaccepted faulty. But, that naked aggression from Ethiopia lefts Mind-pending among the Somali people. Again, Ethiopia violates the Sovereignty of Somalia after, the Ethiopian foreign ministry publishes its website their ambassadors across the world. Ethiopia regards Somali land and Puntland as two countries apart from Somalia. The former Somalia foreign minister his Excellency Yusuf Garad posted on his Facebook page that, Ethiopia days ago swallowed the Somalia’s map in the continent, and again Ethiopia regards Somali land and Puntland as a separate and independent countries apart from Somalia. All these continuing provocations and humiliations are happening within a week, and the Somalia government did nothing tantamount against all these degradation from Ethiopia.

Foreign meddling now rampant in Somalia
Somalia has become susceptible to external unwanted influence from anyone and any Nation since the civil strife.

Various foreign troops were present since 1993 UNISOM. And Ethiopian troops intruded upon Somalia in 20017-2009; also AMISOM troops came into the country in 2007 under the pretext of a peace keeping force.

Apart from that, colossal of foreign interventions were present under humanitarian and donors label. All these meddling created disunity and fragility within the society. Some Somalis believe that, international interventions is against our sovereignty and independence, while some others believe that, Somalia’s alone can’t recuperate its misery past without international support.

Kenya’s Maritime Contention against Somalia

Kenya used to be one of the best staunch partners of Somalia since the collapse of the former central government of Somalia in 1991. Kenya hosts the largest refugees from Somalia to their own country. Additionally, enormous of Somali people have outstanding colossal of businesses and properties, and many more have gotten citizenship from Kenya. Apart from that, Somalis have conspicuous political representations under Northeastern County formerly known as NFD. Moreover, Kenya hosts Mbagathi conference which was formed former Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in 2004 led by former president of Somalia his Excellency Abdullahi YusufAhmed. Furthermore, Nairobi was the headquarter of many international organizations which were involved Somalia’s business. With all these remarkable issues, Kenya and Somalia were having close relationship. But, when Somalia filed its maritime dispute against Kenya to the ICJ in 2014, Kenya freaked out. Diametrically, Kenya starts to worsen the relationship between the two states. First, they begun to struggle against Somalia in the court hearings, but Somalia vanquished Kenya after Kenya didn’t showcase credible and palpable reasons in several times.

After ICJ elucidates the ultimate decision which regards the maritime dispute somewhere in this year, Kenya embarks propaganda, even the talking heads and other Kenyan scholars are participating demonizing propaganda campaign against Somalia.

On the other hand, when Kenya realizes that, they can’t succeed this maritime dispute, they started to castigate the gullible Somali people live in Kenya. Also, Kenya begins to cut its diplomatic ties with Somalia. Additionally, they begun to confiscate the passports from many Somali-Kenyans under HUDUMA digital registration, they convoluted the immigration system and the visas process. The other painful issue is, when Kenya decides to re-route and re-direct the Somalia aircrafts heading to Nairobi via Wajir. This ruthless, relentless temerity and reckless decision was aimed to humiliate and jeopardize the Somali innocent people. So, all these brutality and deplorable actions from Kenya obliterated the previous commendable actions.

The other scathing is, Kenya seeks to strengthen its economic ties with Somaliland. This is also, another political fallacy which Kenya is undertaking. Days ago, former prime minister of Kenya RailaOdinga had a meeting with Somaliland representatives led by Somaliland’s envoy to Kenya Bashe Omar. During the meeting, the two parties agreed upon to expedite the economic ties between the two sides. Additionally, Kenya’s majority leader Aden Barre Duale invited the two Somaliland’s parties UCID and KULMIYE in the Kenya’s parliament. Kenya’s side announced that, they are ready to push Somaliland’s recognition. So, the big question is, why Kenya is doing all this baloney and rubbish things? Some political pundits pontificate that, Kenya is doing all these because of; they want to conflagrate the maritime contention against Somalia as an antidote. And Kenya wants to exert pressure on Somalia, because, they believe if Somalia wins the maritime case which is 100%, then Kenya’s sea will be narrow and Kenya closes to be landlocked country. And all these churlish and childish actions that Kenya is undertaking isn’t mishap, it’s wittingly so as to create a huge commotion over Somalia.

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1- Somalia’s federal government and its federal units should showcase unity and solidarity the Kenya’s and Ethiopia’s aggressions against Somalia

2- The Somali people, especially those live in Kenya should take care the Kenya’s retaliation actions

3- The Somalia scholars including talking heads should participate the campaign against Ethiopia’ and Kenya’s propaganda

4- The Somali businessmen, especially those import miraa (KHAT) should relocate their business from Kenya to somewhere else. Because, Kenya benefits the KHAT billions of Dollars from Somalia consumers

5- Somalia’s government should invigorate its relationship with the international community and show them how Kenya and Ethiopia are violating the Somalia’s sovereignty and independence

6- Far and wide, Somalia needs desperately Self-abnegated leaders who serve for posterity’s sake

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Horn of Africa Political Analyst and independent researcher)
The views expressed belong to Anwar Abdifatah Bashir and he can be contacted here


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