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Major Headlines Round The Globe for This Week
Major Headlines Round The Globe for This Week

By - Adedoyin Shittu

Posted - 07-06-2019

World Leaders Remember the D-Day Heroes but Forgets a Major Player

World leaders, royalty and veterans gathered at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial to mark the Normandy landings and to honour the Allied soldiers who risked and lost their lives during the operation. Russia Vladimir Putin whose country played a titanic role in the successful invasion was not invited again.

Is China’s “Trump” card in the Ongoing Trade War with the U.S. the Rare Earth Element (REE)?

There was global fear that China might retaliate in ongoing trade between the country and the U.S. by banning the sale of Rare Earth Element to the U.S.  

Sudan Unrest: The West Look the Other Way as External Players Take Center Stage

Following an attack on protester by the country military,  Sudan has been suspended from the African Union.

The attack on the peaceful protesters led to death of over 100 persons. It was reported that some bodies dumped in the Nile River by the military was recovered.

China Refuses to be Bullied by the U.S., “Threatens” War if Pushed

As the trade war between China and the U.S. escalates, there was exchange of words between the U.S. Acting Defence Secretary, Patrick Shanahan and China Minister of Defence, Wei Fenghe, at a Asia’s premier defence summit in Singapore.

In response to the Shanahan remark concerning China in the Asian continent, Wei said “China has no intention, no power, to be the boss of this world, and against the United States to fight for this status,” He also added at the event in Singapore that China still wants to resolve escalating tensions through dialogue, but it won’t be bullied. “If the U.S. wants to talk, we will keep the door open,” Wei said. “If they want to fight, we will fight to the end.”

Other Major News Headline Round the Globe

President Trump slams tariffs on neighbour

Mr. Trump is threatening to slap tariffs on all Mexican imports from Monday, starting at 5%, unless Mexico stems the flow of migrants reaching the U.S. southern border.

“Tariffs are a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful word if you know how to use them properly,” Mr. Trump told Fox News host Laura Ingram on Thursday in France.

UK’s Theresa May formally confirms resignation as Conservative leader

British Prime Minister Theresa May formally notified her Conservative Party on Friday (June 7) that she had resigned as party leader, opening the way for a succession contest that will determine the country’s next prime minister.

Mrs May will remain prime minister and acting party leader until Conservative Party lawmakers and members select a new leader after a process that is expected to last several weeks.

Nominations for the Conservative leadership close at 1600 GMT on Monday.

German killer nurse gets life for 85 hospital murders

A German nurse believed to be the most prolific serial killer in the country’s post-war history was handed a life sentence on Thursday (June 7) for murdering 85 patients in his care.

A pride of 14 lions on the loose in South Africa

A pride of 14 lions is on the loose near a mining community bordering South Africa’s Kruger National Park, officials said Friday and warned members of the public to be alert. The lions have been spotted roaming around the Foskor phosphate mine outside the town of Phalaborwa on the western boundary of the famed wildlife park, which is fenced in.

It is suspected the big cats escaped from the park, said the government of the northern Limpopo province, which has allocated rangers to monitor the pride while officials decide where to send them.


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