Land Reform May Cause Instability -Ramaphosa

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The issue of land expropriation is a matter of utmost urgency, which, if not implemented soon, may cause civil unrest and instability. This is according to the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The President believes South Africa risks becoming unstable if the state does not expropriate without compensation.

“If we do not address it‚ it is going to cause instability in our country. If there is any risk‚ it will be around the issue.”

President Ramaphosa was addressing black commercial and emerging farmers at a gala dinner at the Agribusiness Transformation Conference hosted by the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (Afasa) in Kempton Park‚ Johannesburg‚ on Monday evening.

“Many of you as farmers would like access to land. It is necessary that we should do this to give access to those among us that want to work the land‚ so that we can heal this festering wound of the past. The only way to heal that wound is to give land to our people‚” Ramaphosa said.

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“It will also bring about stability …. We have embarked on a process of accelerated land reform. Some are getting terrified‚ some are even sending false messages abroad … It (land expropriation without compensation) has ignited a vigorous and welcomed debate. It has required that we confront the injustices of the past. Even those people who have land are now beginning to realise the injustices of the past.”

Ramaphosa said expropriation without compensation was only one of the mechanisms government was using to effect land reform.

“This whole process is but one of the mechanisms that we are going to utilise to effect land reform. The others are programs that we have had in place for a long time .… All South Africans want to know they have security of tenure around property rights.”

The presidency and the ANC are battling to settle the issue as quickly as possible so it does not affect their chances in the coming election. Business Day

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