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The Nigerian political landscape is changing, more vibrant and intelligent individuals, are bringing interesting ideas to the Nigerian landscape, such candidates as Kingsley Moghalu and Donald Duke readily come to mind.

Could it be that the wind of change is finally blowing? Is it time up for all of the old analog politicians and we are starting to see new age politicians take the helm of affairs?

Barring a miracle next week, either one of Buhari or Atiku will be the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which means the Nigerian people are left with an almost impossible choice.
Is this election giving the Nigerian the choice of better the devil you know?

Nigerians undoubtedly remember when their incumbent president went missing for periods unending, due to a yet undisclosed condition.

Buhari whereabouts unknown

There has undoubtedly been a hive of activity about the incumbent executives, especially when one observes the energetic diminutive incumbent vice president, who is often seen dashing from pillar to post like a blue assed fly.
Does activity translate to achievement? 
What are the tangible and measurable achievements of the incumbent executive?

For more in-depth analysis, why not read the article: Analysing The Two Popular Presidential Candidate And What Is At Stake For Nigerians

Ayo Obanubi


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