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Anybody who has acquainted themselves with the American drama series the House of Cards most undoubtedly draw parallels with the Nigerian Houses.

The flip-flops, the drama, the treacherous acts, the self-centred dramatics, the plots, the desperation to cling on to power, the ironies, where people proclaim common sense, but exhibit no signs of having any! we have seen it all, from the sublime to the absolute ridiculous.

The writers of the House of Cards would had been exceedingly proud of themselves if they could had managed to conjure up a fictitious drama as enriched with characters as the Nigerian peoples house is.

Under the circumstances, what are the questions the Nigerian people are asking of their elected representatives?
What representation are the Nigerian people getting?

It seems a faded memory that Senator Dino Melaye is an impeached Senator, a process that was frustrated and rather than have a moment of sober reflection, he has continued unabated with absolute reckless abandon.

Should there be a Total Recall for lack of performance?

Some have considered a Total Recall, which of course is wishful thinking, but the question remains – are the Nigerian people being served buy their representatives.

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Ayo Obanubi


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