Nigeria: Ahead of 2019 Elections and the ‘Cacophony’ of the Ruling party

Alao Abiodun
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The looming political battle and dominance ahead of 2019 election seems to be sparking up different controversies as expected with just few months to the polls — It’s crystal clear that the political firmament is very astir with modulating calculations and permutations, springing up of different contenders and pretenders across the length and breadth of the country.

Interestingly, the timeline of events that has occurred in the last couple of months have upped the ongoing politicking — the couple of events to be witnessed in the next couple of months also will definitely shape the future decisions which boils down to be the burden of the electorates. However, with the series of political mechanisms put in place by different parties, it’s all connected towards getting hold of the power grip.

It’s not totally out of place to opine that the 2019 election maybe one of the tightest presidential polls in the history of the country including the battle for the Presidency which however trickles down to the clamors for restructuring — zoning along the geo-political zones – ripples from various party primaries; power tussle from both the ruling party and the opposition –and emergence of a third force which might be a platform for aggrieved candidates as usual because it’s all about the “interest” — However, idea of direct primaries which seems like a profounded remedy against the acrimonious behavior amongst opportunistic politicians over the years is looking directional in the right path.

As political situations ahead of the 2019 Elections, so many things are unfolding even beyond the political state — the electorates should understand that electoral process do not just begin at voting during elections — the better and presentable candidates are limited to choices of the selected few during the glorified primaries and in the end, the most preferable candidates especially by the masses get screened off leaving them (electorates) to vote for the lesser evils among the presented evils.

An average Nigerian who is conscious of the political climate of the nation seems disgusted about the trendlike path of Governors under the ruling party who’ve resorted to aspiring for the senatorial seat in the next election using that as a retirement base. Their basis of emergence if eventually elected need to be faulted or questioned either from the — confused voters or — through manipulative and cunny steps or through — subtle coercion and outright intimidation.

These same set of people are the same people who made what the ruling party it is today. They left the PDP and joined forces with others to decapitate the party that made them, they weakened the party when they left, they left when they were in a position of strength and hence became the “inferior” party struggling to gain survival.

Governance requires calculative steps or actions just in accordance with the popular African maxim which says — “If you carry an egg basket, do not dance ecstatically” but it appears that the ruling party seems to be acting in reverse order because when the head is too big, it cannot dodge blows. Just like a football game, the Nigeria political phase seems to heading to the semifinals ahead of 2019 elections with different parties conducting primaries to avoid any sort of acrimonious clashes of interest.

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n(PDP) U n(APC) and other political parties in the mathematics of politics under the set theory still depicts that these set of recycled politicians are still dominating the ovation of Nigeria politics. However, the unanswered questions on the lips of the electorates ahead of the 2019 polls are — does the ruling party have the wherewithal to raise their head above water ahead of the fierce political race? — Do they have the strength to sustain the tempo? — What are the antecedents of other oppositions towards the politics and politicking of 2019?

This election phase ahead has not been devoid of its own share of political drama. The ruling party’s discordance seems to be showing and depicting intense signs and in their desperation, they have continued to make errors of judgment. Nigeria at the federal domain now appears to base itself on two dominant political parties even under a multi-party system. Irrespective of the big base or grandiose popularity of the ruling party, in its desperative moves, it is digging a bigger hole to fall into.

However, the country at the moment is bleeding for good leadership with good intentions for the citizenry — some people are so used to corruption as a way of life that they themselves don’t want it to end. It’s only a patriotic dream for any Nigerian to wish that things would get better but it’s clear that’s not going to happen soon if at all, some are concerned about enriching themselves amidst a failing nation.

Before we get confronted with an array of beautiful promises as the 2019 Election approaches — we the voters have to take a decision — the strongest power of the PVC is that we can keep waving it in the face of our leaders, reminding them that we have the power to send them packing as one of the critical stakeholders in the country.

Despite the clamour for re-election, the perceived non-performance of the current administration under the platform of the ruling party especially in some certain quarters, the insurgencies in the nation, minimum wage conundrum, the seeming insensitivity of the government amongst others have imbued Nigerians with the confidence that they could do better.

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