Nigeria: Group Pays N45m to Buy Presidential Forms for Buhari

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Ahead of Nigeria 2019 general elections, a group under the auspices of Nigerian Consolidation Ambassadors Network, yesterday purchased the N45 Million naira form for President Muhammadu Buhari, which were the expression of interest and nomination form to contest in the forthcoming primaries of the ruling party — All Progressives Congress, APC.

The form, sold for N45 million, was purchased on his behalf by one of his support groups, the Nigerian Consolidation Ambassadors Network. Many pro-Buhari groups had lobbied to be the ones to purchase the form for the president. National Coordinator of the group, Sunusi Musa, who led his members to purchase the form, said the president was not a multi-millionaire cash-wise, “but has millions of supporters who are always ready to come together to pay for his nomination form.”

With the purchase a day after the APC leadership made public the primaries time tables and the cost, President Buhari became the first aspirant to obtain the nomination form. The group, which was received by the party’s National Working Committee, NWC, came in hundreds to the national secretariat of the ruling party. Sunusi said: “Mr. Chairman, it is my singular honour and rare privilege to present to you a cheque of N45 million as payment for the expression of interest and nomination forms for President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We have no doubt that Mr. President has both in action and word being working hard to lay a foundation for greater and prosperous nation that our generation and future generations will be proud of. Under his administration Nigeria has become a country sought after for investments in the world; Nigeria has assumed its leadership role in not just Africa but the world.

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“Today, Mr. Chairman, Nigeria’s moribund infrastructure is being revived. Mr. Chairman, for the first time since the return of democracy, Nigerians have a President who can beat his chest and state that he has never stolen from the purse of government. We have a President, who is not having meetings at night to strike shady personal deals, but rather is ensuring that every agreement entered into by Nigeria is in the interest of the country and for its generations unborn. This has indeed boosted the confidence of investors hence the increase in flow of Direct Foreign Investment into the country.”

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