Sudan’s Military Council and Opposition agree on Three-Year Transitional Period

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The Transitional Military Council (TMC) and Sudanese opposition forces Tuesday have reached an agreement on the duration of the transitional period and composition of the transitional parliament.

During the first day of talks on Monday, the two partners of the Sudanese revolution agreed that the Sovereignty Council will have symbolic powers and the government will decide and direct the policy of the nation during the transitional period.

In a joint press conference held after the end of their second meeting on Tuesday the parties said they inched towards a deal that will allow the power transfer to civilians after a month from the power takeover by the army to protect protesters.

TMC negotiating team member Lt Gen Yasir al-Atta told reporters that the two sides agreed that the duration of the Transition will three years.

During the first six months, the priority will be given to the peace negotiations with the armed groups throughout the country.

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The Sudan Liberation Movement of Minni Minnawi, the Justice and Equality Movement led by Gibril Ibrahim and the SPLM-N of Malik Agar are members of the Freedom and Change group.

Talks with these groups are expected easier than peace talks with the SPLM-N al-Hilu which calls for self-determination for the Two Areas and the SLM -Abdel Wahid which demands to return first IDPs and refugees first to their original homeland.

Al-Atta further said that they agreed that legislative assembly will be formed of 300 members, 67% of them will be allocated to the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, while the remaining 33% will be given to other forces that are not part of the opposition coalition.

The military official pledged to complete a final agreement in less than 24 hours before “to celebrate the victory of the masses army and people to achieve the goals of the glorious revolution,” as he put it, and confirmed that the investigation is underway on the bloody events in the vicinity of the sit-in on Monday night.

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For his part, Madani Abbas a member of the delegation of the Declaration of Freedom and Change forces said the military council will investigate into Monday’s assaults on the protesters and they will form a joint committee to avoid any new attempts.

A member of the opposition negotiating team Siddiq Youssef told the London based Asharq al-Awsat that the Sovereignty Council will include a woman, six representatives of the Sudanese provinces besides three members from the military council.

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Youssef stressed that only the forces of freedom and change will take over the formation of the transitional government.

In a separate statement to Aljazeera TV, Madani said all parties that participated in the former regime are not entitled to participate in the transitional period.


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