Tunisian President Enforces Women Inheritance Rights

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Tunisian President Béji Caid Essebsi has proposed the enforcement of equal inheritance rights for women in accordance with Articles 2 and 21 of the Tunisian Constitution which provides for the civil character of the State and full equality between male and female citizens.

To this end, he proposed in a statement to the nation Monday the drafting of a law guaranteeing equal inheritance rights while adding that the Personal Status Code also needs to be revised to keep abreast of social developments and legislation in force, in line with the Constitution of the republic.

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The guiding principle shall be to enforce equal inheritance rights, while making room for the enforcement of Sharia. A Bill will be submitted to the House of People’s Representatives for consideration at the upcoming parliamentary session. Article 2 of the Constitution gives primacy to law, thus imposing the application of its provisions.

Article 72 stipulates that “the President of the Republic is the Head of State and the symbol of its unity. He guarantees its independence and continuity, and ensures respect of the constitution”. President Caid Essebsi said this initiative is meant to make testators free to choose either equal inheritance rights or Sharia law.

The President reminded that Tunisia is a state with a civil character as spelled out in Article 2 of the Constitution adopted by the different political trends representing the Tunisian society in the parliament, including the Ennahdha party. BERNAMA-NNN-TAP

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