US President, Donald Trump Promises to Help Kenya Fight Against Corruption, Terrorism

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Incoming United States ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has revealed President Donald Trump’s agenda for Kenya, key among it being to help Kenya fight corruption and terrorism.

While speaking to Kenyan citizens living in St. Louis, Missouri, McCarter said Trump’s administration also wants to assist Kenya to foster unity among its citizens.

The Ambassador who is expected in the country any time from now to replace Robert Godec said America is also keen to aid the country in its development projects that focus on sustainability and self-reliance.

“America is a generous country but you have to always ask the question, what am I doing today that will continue if I don’t come back tomorrow,” McCarter said.

He was addressing a congregation that had attended a service and dinner reception organised in his honour.

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While insisting that America has great respect for Kenya, a driving force behind their investment, McCarter reiterated that Kenya is poised to be a shining star of democracy in Africa and the US will continue to be Kenya’s best ally.

McCarter was early last month confirmed as the new US Ambassador to Kenya.

The fluent Swahili speaking McCarter takes over from Robert Godec who has served for six years at the helm.

McCarter switched to Swahili from time to time as he addressed the Kenyans.

“Kenya is poised to be a shining star of democracy in Africa and the US will continue to be Kenya’s best ally,” the envoy says.

At his confirmation hearing last year, the Democrats pointed questions about McCarter’s socially conservative religious views, expressed in his past votes against LGBT rights.

On the issues of same-sex marriages, McCarter has remained one of the vocal senators who has opposed such.


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