Worst Ebola Outbreak in Nation’s History – DRC Health Ministry

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Democratic Republic of Congo’s health ministry says the latest Ebola outbreak has now become the worst in the country’s recorded history with 319 confirmed and probable cases.

The ministry said late on Friday that the deadly virus has killed about 198 people since the outbreak was declared on August 1 in the volatile east. Those dead include 163 confirmed Ebola cases, with 35 probable deaths.

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This is DRC’s 10th outbreak since 1976, when the hemorrhagic fever was first identified in Yambuku.

Health Minister Dr Oly Ilunga Kalenga said the figures now exceed that outbreak. He said no other epidemic has been as complex.

Armed groups vying for control of DRC’s mineral-rich east have staged regular attacks in DRC’s Ituri and North Kivu provinces, complicating the response by health officials who are also meeting community resistance.

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