Zambian Granny, Tangu Mazaba, Obtains MBA @73

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A Zambian woman, Tangu Mhlanga Mazaba who is 73, has reportedly obtained a Master of Business Administration in leadership and wealth creation degree from the University of Lusaka.

Tangu Mhlanga Mazaba, who is a mother of five and grandmother of 10, was among hundreds of students who graduated from the university last week.

Mazaba said that she went back to school because she wanted to achieve her lifelong dream. She said that since the attainment of independence, Zambia “had not done much to own our economy”.

“That is why I took it upon myself to go back to school and achieve something that I have always felt strongly about. Zambia can only develop if Zambians are in charge of their wealth and economy.

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“On my part, I am already encouraging others by going around churches and talking to people to become self-sustaining and not always waiting for government’s help.”

According to reports, Mazaba stole the limelight among over 1 200 students who graduated from various disciplines

The report said that Mazaba received rounds of applause from fellow graduates and the attending general public when she received her award for best student in Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Management. Lusaka Times

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